Resizing and Reshaping: Enhancing the Silhouette

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We have all been there: working out, dieting, and doing everything we can to achieve our dream body. Unfortunately, traditional weight loss methods may leave us disappointed with persistent pockets of fat, excess skin, and an unproportioned figure. Thankfully, plastic surgery methods in Brandon, FL, make it easier than ever to achieve your ideal body


Are You Overweight? You May Reconsider Plastic Surgery

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Innovations in technology and methods have made plastic surgery in Brandon, Florida, increasingly safer over the last few decades. However, while the risks and complications associated with most procedures are low, a recent study suggests that if you are overweight, you should reconsider plastic surgery. The study found that obese patients have a higher chance


The Shift in Plastic Surgery Trends

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently released statistics that supports the continuous growth of cosmetic enhancements during 2015. There was also a huge shift in the procedures chosen since 2000. Plastic surgeons have seen an uplifting trend in the past fifteen years with significant growth in breast lifts (up 89 percent), buttock lifts (up